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To influence means to Lead

RIP to an extraordinary man who influenced so many…


Every human being has an impact on another.
Robin Williams in ‘Patch Adams’.

Let’s begin with a question: ‘Who are two people who have influenced you and your life? ‘

Take some time to think about this. When you’re done, reflect on the fact that those two people are probably not famous – and yet they have had a big impact on your life.

Leaders, both famous and not so famous, impact on others. Some leaders impact in a positive way, while others leave a mark that reminds us that this is not an effective way to lead. One of the leadership skills that we all need to grow is the ability to influence.

Influencing is a powerful skill. Is there someone you would like to influence and lead?

Perhaps it is your children or loved ones… maybe it’s people you work with, or friends you care about?

Here are some simple tips to develop your influencing skills and to grow as a leader:

  • Firstly, you must believe you can influence – when you believe you can, your brain will work with you to achieve this result
  • To influence others, look for what you have in common and use their language; are they visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or logical?
  • If someone they admire is already on board with the idea, let the person know, as this provides social proof
  • Become an expert in the area you are trying to influence in
  • You are far more likely to influence someone if they first feel heard, so take the time to listen deeply to them
  • Be concise in getting your message across
  • Be consistent – we are all more likely to be influenced by someone who lives and breathes health and fitness, than by someone who has a cheap Air Jordans slap-dash approach to health and fitness
  • Give first – if you are trying to influence someone, send them information you think would help them
  • Ask them for what you want – most people forget or skip this simple act
  • Keep an influencing diary and use it to plan the growth of your influencing skills.

A word of warning about influencing: nagging and manipulation are also influencing techniques. While they may get you short-term results, in the longer term they are likely to backfire.

Take the time to learn more positive influencing techniques; everyone will be happier if you do.

Influence may be the highest level of all human skills.
Author Unknown
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