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BOOK REVIEW: Cultural Transformations

9781119055921.pdfCultural Transformations by John Mattone and Nick Vaidya, published by Wiley, 2016, RRP $42.95 (Hardcover)

How are you and your organisation coping with change during these turbulent times? Everyday I see organisations and their leaders grappling with how to get ahead. Unfortunately many end up struggling, replica oakleys while others lose the battle completely. It is a rare few who get it right and are thriving.

If you are not thriving, I suggest you take the time to read this book immediately.

The authors have done a fabulous job of providing a practical roadmap for steering organisations and their leaders through successful cultural transformations, so the organisations and their people can thrive in these changing times.

Through their research, Mattone and Vaidya have identified the two critical macro levers needed: leadership and culture.

The book begins by focusing on culture, including the six critical steps required to transform culture. The book combines useful tools (including a cultural transformation readiness assessment tool) with practical examples, all designed to help organisations map out where their culture currently is and what needs to change.

Leadership is a key element of successful cultural transformation. As the authors point out: ‘There is no bigger impediment to your transformation efforts than weak leadership’.

After culture, the book focuses on what ‘great’ leadership is and how you can work on these skills.

What I really found valuable were the interviews with 14 exceptional CEOs from around the globe, who openly and candidly discuss their leadership experiences in building strong, vibrant companies. Each interview provides insights oakley sunglasses cheap designed to assist with your leadership growth.

What has worked in the past is no longer working; this book explains why. It also provides the tools and insights to help organisations succeed in this constantly changing world.

Cultural Transformations should be required reading for all CEOs, for current and potential leaders, and anyone introducing change into their organisation.

Given the large sums of money companies invest in change initiatives – only to see 70% of them fail – you would be remiss if you didn’t invest in this book and help increase the odds of you and your organisation succeeding.



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