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We need your help…

We want to help create One Million Heart-Centred Leaders in the World.


We want to achieve this epic milestone Baratas Ray Ban by 1 January 2020 – so we’ve got four years to make it happen…


Because when we act from an open heart, we are more positive, more loving, happier, more generous and more thoughtful…. and we have a positive impact on those around us!

AND when we adopt a leader mindset, we are more proactive about creating a life that matters to us and to those we love. We’re not victims, we are creators and innovators.

Imagine the ripple effect of one million people leading happier, more compassionate lives. Imagine how our communities, schools, office blocks, factories, sporting events and families will look.

When we help a million people spend more of their days with an open heart – and they consciously influence millions more – imagine the shift we can create.

Imagine elevating the energy landscape of our planet; changing how we feel, how we interact with others, how we think about everything we do.

We know we can achieve this through the programs and services we offer; we can help others become genuine leaders who live with their hearts more of the time.

This is our way of helping – and we need your help to make it happen by 2020.


We’re not entirely sure just yet – but we know it cheap MLB Jerseys can be done.  Part of it is simply making our leadership programs and support services available to more people worldwide, as quickly as we can.

Where we can, we’ll make ray ban sunglasses sale these available free of charge. Where possible, we’ll ask participants to contribute something to the cost of delivering the programs and support.

We are always open to conversations about collaboration, alternate funding sources, partnerships,

We want to collaborate with others who understand what we’re trying to do – and who get that this is both important and absolutely achievable.


You might provide training or conference venues and catering; you might be a coach or mentor to others; you might be committed to helping your community/neighbourhood/street/sporting club connect with and support each other better.

You might realise now is the perfect time to contribute to something much larger than you – much larger than us.

We’d love to start some conversations on the road to making this a reality within four years.

Would you like to be part of the movement that changes the energy state of the planet?  Do you genuinely want to help heal others, so they can in turn help heal all of humanity?  Does that feel ‘light’ for you?  Does it energise or excite you?

If yes, please let us know – and thank you.

Grahame and Danette


I'll update this page as we go; there is so much more I want to share with everyone about this,

We cannot "save the planet"… not in our current state of 'being'. The most likely outcome for humanity – if we continue on our current path – is extinction; the Earth will simply create an environment in which we cannot continue to exist, because we have done to much damage AND because we refuse to listen, we have the arrogance to believe we 'rule' this world.

I love my children. I want to be here to love their children – and perhaps even their children. But if humanity doesn't change – soon – the 05:29:52 odds of my children living to see their own grandchildren arrive are tiny, and worsening daily.

Please understand: this is Cheap NFL Jerseys not just another rant about 'climate change'; that's not the conversation I want to start with you.

This is about helping each other move… away from fear, distrust – a lack mindset, and towards love, compassion, giving, caring… an abundance mindset.

And in my experience, this happens best and fastest when we start from our heart.

I can give you all of the science to validate what I know to be true;

  • your heart also contains neurons (like our brain)
  • your heart’s electromagnetic field is six times more powerful than your brain’s
  • your heart sends 16 times more information to your brain than your brains ends to your heart
  • your heart has pre-cognitive capability: it can predict events/information before your brain is aware of them
  • your heart and biophotonic energy
  • what else am I missing?


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Learn the Strategies And Tactics Developed By One Of The Most Trusted Leadership Authorities On The Planet….


The-Leader-Who-Had-No-Title-coverIn the 2014 Global Human Capital Trends Survey, Deloitte noted that: ‘Leadership remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organisations around the world.’Leadership experts agree that the secret to building a world-class organisation is developing great leaders at every level. Genuine leadership will directly impact the four key areas of business:

  • Profitability
  • Customer service
  • Productivity
  • Employee engagement and retention.

Robin Sharma’s ground breaking Lead Without A Title™ program provides specific strategies and tactics to address each of these areas – growing genuine leaders at every level of your business.

For the first time ever, Australian business owners, entrepreneurs and Fake Ray Bans motivated individuals have the opportunity to learn the leadership strategies and tactics developed by one of the world’s most trusted authorities on business leadership and personal development: Robin Sharma. 

<td bgcolor="#25364C" width="30%"Lead Without A Title

We are delighted to announce Australia’s first Lead Without A Title Certification Course will be held in Sydney, 23-27 November 2015.
The course comprises two streams:
1. Participant Stream (3 days; Monday 23 November to Wednesday 25 November)
Designed for anyone who wants to build world class leadership skills. Participants will complete the entire Lead Without A Title program, including:

    • Pre-Work, commencing 4 weeks before class (online)
    • Eight program modules, delivered face-to-face over 3 days
    • Post-work, including self-assessment, videos and coaching calls.Participants will receive a signed certificate on completion of the program.2. Certification Stream (5 days; Monday 23 November to Friday 27 November)
      Designed for business owners and motivated staff who want to build world class leadership skills – and then teach the Lead Without A Title program within their organisation.
      Participants in the Certification Stream will complete the Lead Without A Title program as above, followed by a two-day certification course.
      Participants will receive a signed certificate on completion of the program and can then be licensed to deliver the Lead Without A Title program to colleagues within their organisation.

Our next program is in DARWIN NT, 25-28 August 2015


The Lead Without A TitleLeaders Growing Leaders program helps inspire individuals and teams to work at  their absolute peak, while dramatically promoting increased productivity, innovation, collaboration, customer service and bottom line results.
Backed by Robin’s 17+ years’ work with some of the most iconic businesses on the planet, this program is built to work from Day One.  Leveraging contemporary blended learning delivery, the latest scientific research on human behaviour and excellence, our team of internationally certified facilitators are one thousand percent committed to helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible.The only thing you need to bring is a mindset that acknowledges your right to an iconic life.
Robin Sharma Clients
Successful applicants^ will complete pre-work activities including:

  • a leadership self-assessment
  • Robin’s bestselling book The Leader Who Had No Title
  • a True Colors assessment
  • a personal welcome video from Robin.
You will join a dynamic group of business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who are genuinely motivated to cheap nfl jerseys create a world class life and career.Those who succeed in life understand the importance of spending more of their time with those who challenge and energise them.
Dive deep into the eight modules of the Lead Without A Title program across four intense days.Led by our internationally certified LWT Facilitators, you will be challenged, inspired, moved, elevated – most of all you will leave with new beliefs about what is possible.
After the face-to-face component, you will have access to additional learning and development – including:

  • weekly inspirational videos from Robin
  • 6 group coaching calls with your LWT Facilitator
  • exclusive access to the Australian Lead Without A Title community
  • access to the Lead Without A Title global community.

Register now for DARWIN, 25-28 August 2015


Listen to what other participants in the Lead Without A Title program have to say about their experience…

We’ve been working in the learning and business/personal development space for 20 years;  that’s 40 replica oakleys combined years of passion, experience, failure, success and determination!In that time we have invested heavily in our own learning and development, working hard to stay at the leading edge of science, technology, psychology, philosophy and technology.We do all of this because we are absolutely committed to helping others find and live their inspirational best life.

We have invested over $100,000 in our business and personal development in the past 18 months – including travelling to Toronto in April 2014 to complete the Lead Without NFL Jerseys China A Title Certification Course.

We were so inspired by what we learned that we flew back to Toronto last October to co-facilitate the next Certification Course, attended by inspired business owners and leaders from around the world.

We’re now offering Australian business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders the opportunity to learn the strategies and tactics that have generated stunning results overseas.

Register now for DARWIN, 25-28 August 2015


Still uncertain? Here’s more compelling evidence of the impact this program is having for individuals, parents, managers, entrepreneurs and business executives across the world.


Every leadership book published in the past 100 years reminds us that less than 5% of the world’s population are truly successful. It takes courage to take action.ARE YOU READY TO BE ONE OF THE 5%?
Program Component Retail Value
– Your copy of Robin Sharma’s #1 bestseller The Leader Who Had No Title 29
– Your AudioBook copy of The Leader Who Had No Title 19
– A personal True Colors assessment and profile report 247
– 4 days’ face-to-face training with our internationally certified facilitators 9,997
– Six coaching calls during your 12-month Support Program 1,197
– 12 months’ membership to the Lead Without A Title Online Portal 1,997
TOTAL VALUE $ 13,486


$ 2,997

** PLEASE NOTE: Numbers are STRICTLY LIMITED; this offer is available to the first 20 applicants only.

Register now for DARWIN, 25-28 August 2015


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Contact Us

Magical Learning Pty Ltd

ABN:  37 104 320 550

“Sunnyside”, Wambidgee Road GUNDAGAI  NSW  2722  AUSTRALIA

t:  +61 2 6944 8200

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What is ‘Lead Without A Title’?


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About Us

We are    Grahame Gerstenebrg    Grahame Gerstenberg and   Danette Fenton-Menzies  Danette Fenton-Menzies.

We’ve been working in the leadership and personal development arena for over 15 years; having started a number of companies in that time.  We also run Magical Learning, which offers a range of personal development/competency programs for clients throughout Australia.

For the past 15 years we’ve lived out of two homes: we based our business in Canberra (Australia) while our five children were still at school and got back to the ‘Farm’ (our spiritual home) whenever we could.  Our youngest finished high school in 2014 and is going to Uni in Melbourne – so we decided to relocate our office back to thee Farm.

Technology keeps us connected and enables us to do most of what we did in Canberra from the comfort of our verandah office – and it’s a relatively easy commute when we need to be face-to-face with our clients.  We also travel extensively to work with amazing people across Australia and internationally.

Our core passion is helping others. We continue to look for innovative and fulfilling ways of achieving Cheap Oakleys that – and it’s working, as we’ve never been busier or more at peace with what we’re doing.

We are selective about who we work with, because everyone’s time is so precious and we want to maximise the impact we create with our time and energy.

If you’d like to learn whether we’re a good fit for your business, please drop us a line or call us  – we’re happy to speak briefly about what you want to achieve in your life/business and whether we can help you.


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To influence means to Lead

RIP to an extraordinary man who influenced so many…


Every human being has an impact on another.
Robin Williams in ‘Patch Adams’.

Let’s begin with a question: ‘Who are two people who have influenced you and your life? ‘

Take some time to think about this. When you’re done, reflect on the fact that those two people are probably not famous – and yet they have had a big impact on your life. (more…)